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Programme background of EcoCompass

EcoCompass has been developed within a joint venture of the municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The programme was implemented during 2008 ─ 2011 and the objective was to intensify and promote the management of environmental issues in SMEs. Within the programme, a model was prepared for the environmental collaboration of the cities and SMEs, and they were provided with customised environmental advisory services. Regional company advisers were trained for environmental issues concerning the companies and for advising their customers in these questions. Additionally, within the programme tools were developed to include environmental issues into the official counselling given to new enterprises.

Partners in co-operation

The programme was financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Centre for the Economic Development, Transportation and Environment of Uusimaa.

The programme was coordinated by the Environment Centre of the City of Helsinki and its focal partners in collaboration were: Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd Oy, The Wholesale Market of the City of Helsinki, The Vantaa Centre for Environmental Affairs, Business Development Centre Leija (Vantaa), Espoo Environment Department, Espoo Region Enterprise Agency, Kauniainen’s Environment Office, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki.

Nordic co-operation

The EcoCompass environmental management system is developed to match with the other Nordic environmental management systems.

  • Ecolighthouse (Norway)
  • Miljödiplom (Sweden)
  • Green Network (Denmark)
  • Key2Green (Denmark)
  • Planmiljo (Denmark)